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Official announcement: Filecoin Space race testnet will start at 6 am(Beijing) on August 25

The Filecoin Testnet Rewards Program will be launched on Monday, August 24th at 10pm UTC (3pm Pacific Time| Tuesday, August 25th at 6am Beijing Time )! In the next 3 weeks, miners on the Filecoin Testnet will compete for up to 4 million FIL bonuses, as they will compete to get as much storage space as possible. In the past month, we have seen more than 240 miners from five continents prepare to participate, reaching a sealing speed of 1TiB/sec (sealing 15PiB in 3 days)! Thank you very much to all the miners who helped diagnose the problem, come up with a fix, and stress test the network in an exciting way.

Now, it’s time to start the engine. The Lotus code is in a frozen state. We have officially merged the “NEXT” branch into “MASTER” in preparation for resetting Filecoin Testnet and starting the space race. Epoch 0 will be released at the exact UTC time on Monday, August 24th at 10pm (Tuesday at 6am Beijing time), initially about 2 hours in advance for use by miners.

Now, the countdown begins!

0 1 competition

The Space Race is a cooperative competition designed to stress test the network, encourage the participation of the world, and help miners prepare to run the world’s largest decentralized storage network. In this three-week competition, miners will compete to provide the network with as much storage capacity as possible. The world’s top 100 miners and the top 50 miners from all continents will receive Filecoin rewards based on the storage capacity achieved by them and the network during the competition.

After the game starts, you can track the progress on Space .

In addition to storage capacity, the top 20 largest block reward winners will share an additional 100K FIL bonus in proportion to the block rewards they won .

After the network is established, you can track the ranking of the award on .

Currently, you can view the “calibrated” version of these two competition dashboards at

02 Space Race Qualification

The goal of Filecoin is to create a decentralized, efficient and powerful foundation for human information. Achieving this goal successfully requires a global network of miners that can demonstrate responsible management of customer data. Therefore, in order to be eligible to participate in the space race, participating miners must respond to storage and retrieval transaction requests from competing robots, and maintain the success rate of storage and retrieval transactions at 80% or above . The robot will start trading with miners in the successfully sealed industry within 12–24 hours after the start of the competition, and will continue to make transaction requests throughout the competition.

In order to prove that they can perform the entire sector life cycle (joining, upgrading and terminating sectors), contestants must perform at least one promised capacity sector upgrade during the competition to be eligible for rewards. Please refer to the instructions in the Filecoin documentation.

Miners will be able to track their transaction success rate and department life cycle status in the space dashboard. For more detailed information on the rules and eligibility requirements, please refer to the Space Race documentation and FAQ.

After the competition starts , please join the#space-race channelon Filecoin slack tolearn about the latest competition updates, and after the competition starts, join#fil-testnet to learn about network/debugging issues!

03 Bonus calibration period

Since late July, we have been operating a space race “calibration” network, allowing miners to practice under real competitive conditions to see how their performance affects the hypothetical competitive ranking. This calibration period is a key addition to ensure that miners participating in the space race can meet eligibility criteria through successful storage and retrieval transactions and that the network is stable enough to enable them to succeed.

During the calibration period, network functions and performance have also been greatly improved. New features introduced in the calibration devnet include the ability to upgrade the committed space with real transactions, store multiple transactions in one sector, request quick retrieval from miners through plaintext copies, and exchange files for successful transactions through payment channels. Similar to EIP1559, the calibration network also introduces transaction fees for on-chain resources consumed by message execution, and enables message senders to directly pay priority fees to prevent miners from producing blocks without being restricted by the use of fees.

Thank you very much to the community partners on the #fil-net-calibration channel on Filecoin Slack for their many help in upgrading the network in the past few weeks. If you are still dissatisfied with your ranking, you still have a few days to resolve any final issues. Please make sure you are up to date with the latest calibration network to make sure you are ready to start the space race with the latest fix on Monday.

04 Take part in the space race

Due to the extended calibration period, miners in the space race have many new tools (and better documentation!) to help them successfully participate in the race.

Competitive faucet: Our new and improved faucet can help miners store their storage smoothly on the network, while avoiding meaningless hoarding or spam. We hope to use the testnet FIL on a fairly limited basis to simulate the real-world dynamics around effective fees and fees, without causing too much trouble for large miners.

During the calibration period, we have made major improvements to the tap logic to find a reasonable setting. First, assign a new address that is large enough to begin sealing, but not too large to be easily abused. The reimbursement mechanism should meet most storage entry requirements, and as more sectors are sealed, the mechanism can allocate more testnet FIL. Miners can regularly tap water taps in daily operations to obtain more but small testnet FIL. Large miners may have multiple Github accounts to initiate their operations, but reimbursement should be quite fast.

Filecoin is a community-built network, and a healthy economy is built through collaboration rather than abuse. This is a good first step in collaboration before the mainnet launch.

Connection checker and log: Miners can check their dialability and connection status on the dashboard to ensure that they can successfully receive storage and retrieval transactions. For miners experiencing connection problems, please refer to the Filecoin documentation to ensure that your storage miners are configured correctly. In order to track and debug any problems in storing and retrieving transactions, miners can also search for their miners and view the logs of all requests from the competition robot here.

Transaction filtering: If a miner receives a lot of transactions from other customers, resulting in poor success of the competing robot, he can use the transaction acceptance criteria described in the “Space Race FAQ” to only accept transactions from designated customers. The client ID of the competition robot can be found on .

Documents: Based on the problems observed in the calibration network, we have added many new documents to help miners get on the ship smoothly. For information on miner troubleshooting, improved connectivity and common issues with the “Space Race”, please see the new page. For more documentation improvements in the community, we also have many good suggestions, so as the team processes these suggestions in the next few days, we hope to see more updates here.

05 Space race

Please join us at the opening ceremony of the Space Race at 10pm UTC (3pm PST | 6am U.S. Standard Time Thursday, August 27) on August 26th (Wednesday). We will celebrate the beginning of the space race and introduce the team.

The space race will also provide participants with a series of activities:

All events will be recorded and provided online. If you want to participate in the Miner Show and Tell, please join the #space-race channel in Filecoin Slack , we will share a registration link next week.

We are very excited to see what the space race means to all of us, and we are very proud of the tremendous progress we have made together in the past few weeks. It is an honor to build this network with you!

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